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The Last 4 Things
was published by Ahsahta Press in September 2009. The DVD that comes with it features two films based on the book's two sections (about half an hour of viewing).

Max and I designed the bookcover (see it here). And he made a movie called My Own Eyes, an interview collage we originally thought might be included on the DVD as the "special features." (More about that here.)

Jean Valentine interviewed me at Bookslut about The Last 4 Things. Other conversations about the book and the DVD can be accessed here. Reviews are here.

Links to audio clips and text from The Last 4 Things are on the poems page. A couple of short excerpts from one of the movies on the DVD can be seen here and here.

More information (additional audio, author statement, etc.) can be found at the Ahsahta Press site. You can pick up the book at a reading, or ask your local bookseller. It's also available online from Ahsahta, SPD, Barnes & Noble, and

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